Sunday Drive to Snowmass and Aspen


Today was a refreshing drive to Snowmass Village and Aspen.  We took David's sister, Karen to see how the wealthy spend their money.  Of course Sadie is always welcome on our trips.  She loves the ride and loves to be greeted by all the people on the streets.  Beautiful skies and sunshine led the way for us.  We exited too early  for Snowmass Village but were glad we did as we found spectacular snow covered mountain views.
One cannot capture the powerful and spacious mountains of this area with a humble photograph but perhaps the reader can pretend breathing in frosty mountain air and use their imagination with the photos I have here.

We briefly stopped at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center.  I've been catching notices in the Post Independent newspaper about the various classes and events offered here.  It looks like a perfect place for a retreat or hmmm... oboe camp or harp camp perhaps.  The facility looks like it's comprised of several buildings including a dining hall. One building we entered had a large open room with a labryinth laid out on the floor.  Ambient music was softly playing and a poster with instructions on how to approach the labryinth was displayed. I hope to come back to this place and possibly take a class or two.  There are several craft type classes including photography, painting, journaling, etc.

As we approached Aspen and our usual covered garage parking area, we spotted a paraglider in the air.  Karen and I promptly got out of the car while David and Sadie parked.  To our surprise, not only was it amazing to see a paraglider in these cold temperatures, but we could tell he had skis on too. I can't imagine a more interesting way to break your leg but apparently this person is much more experienced than I. (ha).

As we shopped through the many clothing, sports, and art shops in Aspen, we were often stopped by people on the street asking what kind of dog we had.  Sadie is a Keeshond/German Shepherd mix and quite unusual compared to the many Golden Retrievers, Boxers, and other better known breeds.  We had Sadie all "dolled up" in her yellow jacket with the fleece collar.  Sadie is always very popular in Aspen especially with the ladies dressed in higher fashion.  They find her quite adorable.


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